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Hockey East: 0-0-0
Nonconference: 0-0-0

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Away: 0-0-0
Overtime: 0-0-0

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TBA Blue-Gold (EX)
10/7 New Brunswick (EX)
10/14 at Bowling Green (NC)
10/16 at Michigan (NC 3:00)
10/21 Connecticut (NC)
10/22 Connecticut (NC)
10/28 Providence
10/29 at Rensselaer (NC)
11/4 at Maine
11/9 Mass.-Lowell
11/18 Vermont
11/22 at Boston College
11/29 New Hampshire
12/2 at Northeastern
12/3 Northeastern
12/6 at Massachusetts
12/9 at Wayne State (NC)
12/10 at Wayne State (NC 3:00)
12/30 at Boston University
1/6 at Massachusetts
1/7 Massachusetts
1/13 at Boston College
1/14 Boston College
1/20 Boston University
1/21 at Boston University
1/27 at Vermont
1/28 at Vermont
2/3 Northeastern
2/10 at New Hampshire
2/11 New Hampshire
2/17 Mass.-Lowell
2/18 at Mass.-Lowell
2/24 Maine
2/25 Maine
3/3 Providence
3/4 at Providence

All games Hockey East unless noted.
All times 7:00 p.m. Eastern unless noted.


Merrimack Hockey History

Annual Team Awards

Most Valuable Player: Presented to the player who has proven to be the most valuable in all facets of the game. It is voted on by the players and coaching staff and takes into consideration the contribution this particular player has made to the program during the course of the season.

Coaches' Award: Presented to the player deemed by the coaching staff to display the qualities that contribute to team success. These qualities include hard work and a desire to do whatever it takes to improve as an individual and for the good of the team.

Francis J. "Buzz" Miller Unsung Hero Award: Presented to the underclassman who exemplifies perseverance, enthusiasm, dedication and hard work throughout the season. It takes into account the work ethic and determination that this player has shown in contributing in all facets of the game.

Fans' Award: Presented to the player who is a fan favorite. The player is deemed as one of the most exciting players during home games.

        MOST VALUABLE                        FRANCIS J. "BUZZ"
1983-84 Deron Barton      Paul Letourneau    Joe Iantorno        Tony DelGaizo,
                                                                 Chris Ouellette
1984-85 Deron Barton      Bryan Gustin       Kevin Rogers        Chuck Linkenheld,
                                                                 Mike MacGregor
1985-86 Jim Vesey         Bob Fowler,        Brad Atol           Bob Jay,
                          Chris Ouellette                        Chris Kiene
1986-87 Jim Hrivnak       Brad Atol,         Bob Jay             John Magadini,
                          Dave Vater                             Richard Pion
1987-88 Jim Hrivnak,      Chris Kiene,       Richard Pion        Mike Boyce,
        Jim Vesey         David Schofield                        Andy Heinze
1988-89 Richard Pion      Doug Greschuk,     Andy Heinze         Jim Alcott,
                          Jamie Sullivan                         Claude Maillet
1989-90 Andy Heinze       Ed Locke,          Howie Rosenblatt    Agostino Casale,
                          Mike O'Connor                          Teal Fowler
1990-91 Agostino Casale   Teal Fowler        Brendan Locke       Jim Gibson
1991-92 Steve D'Amore,    Matt Crowley,      Don McLeod          John Barron
        Dan Gravelle      Wayde McMillan
1992-93 Teal Fowler,      Tom Costa,         Cooper Naylor       Matt Adams,
        Wayde McMillan    Mike Doneghey                          Dan Gravelle,
                                                                 Dan Hodge
1993-94 Cooper Naylor     Quentin Fendelet,  Chris Ross          Rob Atkinson
                          Matt Poska
1994-95 Mark Cornforth,   Chris Davis,       Karl Infanger       Matt Adams,
        Martin Legault    Eric Thibeault                         Steve McKenna
1995-96 Steve McKenna     Rob Beck,          Eric Weichselbaumer Martin Laroche,
                          John Jakopin                           Eric Thibeault
1996-97 Rob Beck          Karl Infanger,     Martin Laroche      John Jakopin,
                          Tom Johnson                            Eric Thibeault
1997-98 Rejean Stringer   Jason Feeley,      Chris Halecki       Kris Porter,
                          Martin Laroche                         Darrel Scoville
1998-99 Rejean Stringer   Roland Grelle      Chris Halecki       Mike Rodrigues
1999-00 Greg Classen      Andrew Fox,        Chris Halecki       Mike Rodrigues
                          Tony White
2000-01 Anthony Aquino    Vince Clevenger,   Ron Mongeau,        Nick Parillo
                          John Pyliotis      Nick Parillo
2001-02 Anthony Aquino,   Mark Ferullo,      Marco Rosa,         Nick Parillo
        Nick Parillo      Tim Foster         Jason Wolfe
2002-03 Joe Exter         Joe Exter          Tony Johnson,       Nick Cammarata
                                             Lucas Smith
2003-04 Marco Rosa        Eric Pedersen      Tony Johnson        Tim Reidy
                          Marco Rosa
2004-05 Bryan Schmidt     Peter Hams         Steve Crusco        Steve Crusco

Rookie of the Year: Presented to the player whose contributions in his first year of collegiate competition are exemplary.

Most Improved Player: Presented to the player who has demonstrated the most improvement over the last season, or during the current season. (Not awarded after 1999.)

J. Thom Lawler Memorial Award: Honors a Merrimack alumnus whose contributions to the hockey program personify the dedication that the legendary coach asserted during his tenure. (Not awarded in every year.)

                                                         J. THOM LAWLER
1983-84 Brian Daccord         Bryan Gustin               Peter Grogan '63
1984-85 Jim Vesey             Bob Fowler                 Paul Downey '65
1985-86 Jim Hrivnak           Mike MacGregor             Paul Gilmartin '65
1986-87 Andy Heinze           Mike Boyce                 Ernie Young '57
1987-88 Ben Lebeau            Mark Ziliotto              Gilles Moffet '79
1988-89 Matt Hentges          Dave Vater                 Rick Savastano '75
1989-90 Bryan Miller          Claude Maillet             Peter Barrasso '82
1990-91 Rob Atkinson          Dan Gravelle               Joe McAuliffe '71
1991-92 Mark Cornforth        Cooper Naylor
1992-93 Mark Goble            Jim Gibson                 Brian Murphy
1993-94 Martin Legault        Matt Adams
1994-95 Martin Laroche        Rob Beck
1995-96 Darrel Scoville       Steve McKenna              Mike Reynolds '76
1996-97 Drew Hale             Kris Porter,               Brendan Sheehy '71
                              Rejean Stringer
1997-98 John Pyliotis         Sandy Cohen
1998-99 Greg Classen          Drew Hale                  Chuck DiCroce
1999-00 Anthony Aquino                                   Jack Twomey '56
2000-01 Joe Exter,                                       Frank Mahoney
        Marco Rosa
2001-02 Matt Foy                                         John Donovan '78
2002-03 Bryan Schmidt                                    John Celli '??,
                                                         Fred Moynihan '??
2003-04 Jim Healey                                       Jack O'Neill '??
2004-05 Jordan Fox

Outstanding Offensive Player Award: Presented to the player deemed to be the team's most outstanding offensive player.

Outstanding Defensive Player Award: Presented to the player deemed to be the team's most outstanding defensive player.

Richard Britt Humanitarian Award: Honors an individual whose work behind the scenes may go unnoticed to the general public but is always noticed by those closest to the program. This award is named in memory of University of Maine hockey manager Rich Britt, who passed away tragically in 1999.

        OUTSTANDING           OUTSTANDING                RICHARD BRITT
1998-99 Kris Porter           Drew Hale                  John Savastano
1999-00 Sandy Cohen           Cris Classen,              Ken Souza
                              Drew Hale
2000-01 Anthony Aquino        Stephen Moon               Frank & Emilie Collopy
2001-02 Anthony Aquino        Joe Exter                  Brian Heafey
2002-03 Marco Rosa            Joe Exter,                 Matt & Tricia Smith
                              Eric Pedersen
2003-04 Brent Gough           Eric Pedersen              Tim Grinnell
2004-05 Matt Johnson          Ryan Sullivan              Robert Coppola

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